Our rice is cultivated on

Japanese pristine farmlands.

Our place

Our rice is made in Manganji & Nanokachi area in Niigata

prefecture where the most famous place for “Koshihikari” rice in Japan.

We have history for rice cultivation over 200years in this area.

We use traditional farming principle and also advanced milling techniques.

We commit to provide you finest “Koshihikari” from Japan.


Do you know there are almost 300kinds of short-grain ricein Japan?

  “Koshihikari" is the highest quality and popular brand.

 And especially grown in Niigata is the highest class “Koshihikari” in Japan.

 Why? For rice cultivation it is crucial to have not only soil and climate

but also pure crystal clear water from mountains.

 The pure water is used for making for Sake too.

 Niigata is known for finest Japanese sake because where has good rice and pure water.

 Our farm has everything that are ideal to grow finest rice.


We focus on quality, not volume to grow rice.

The rice is dried shortly after harvest to prevent any off odors and offflavors.

The rough rice is stored at low grain temperature to reduce the quality

change that naturally takes place after harvested. When people judge good rice, flavor, odor,

stickiness, gloss are the point for the evaluation.

Japanese “Koshihikari” has good balance for those.

It matches with all kinds of Japanese foods for sure, but also with Western foods.

Please try our rice,you will see the difference!