Why eating rice is good ?

Feature of rice *1

The main nutritional element of rice is carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are one of the most essential nutrients for our body.They are broken down into glucose.

Our brain function is depended on glucose.

And rice contains not only protein but also vitamins and minerals.

In other word, rice is a nutritionally balanced food.

No additives.

For example,when baking bread,flour,auger.salt,eggs,oils,milk and yeast are used.

When bread baked in bulk,artificial color,food emulsifier,preservatives,additives etc... are added.

But when cooking rice. We just need rice and water. "NO additives"

Rice is better than flour. *2

Rice is digested and absorbed in our body slower and longer than bread and noodles which are made from ground flour.

There are several good reasons for consuming rice: it takes longer to digest and absorbs so we feel less hungry after eating rice.so we don't feel the need for a snack between meals.

Hormone secretion for reserving fat into the body is slower,so it also can be reduced to reserve body fat.

Let's eat rice for breakfast !  *3

A large amount of glucose can't be reserved in our body,so when we wake, we are deficient in glucose.

Rice is a very stable source of glucose which when absorb slowly and fills up the deficient glucose in blood.

Usually,rice is digested and absorbed in three hours after eating for adults.

So,if we have lunch at noon,the best time to have rice is before 9a.m. to charge glucose into our body.

1 2 3 From japanese MAFF